Acceleration on Earth Vs Moon

The weight of any object on the Moon gets reduced to 1/6th of its value on the Earth. X can apply a maximum force of 300 N. The ratio of the maximum acceleration on the Earth to that on the Moon of a 6 kg object that X can throw is approximately:

A) 1 : 6
B) 31 : 36
C) 36 : 31
D) 6 : 1


Acceleration is maximum when the net force is maximum. Since gravity always acts downwards, the net force is maximum when X also applies force in the downward direction.

Net force when X applies force in the downward direction = Force applied by X + Gravitational Force

In case of Earth, Net force = 300 + 6 x 10 = 360 N

In case of Moon, net force = 300 + 1/6 (6 x 10) = 310 N

Since mass remains the same, ratio of acceleration is same as the ratio of force.

The required ratio = 360/310 = 36/31

Hence, option (C).

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